Getting back into it.

Today is Easter Monday. Raised in a non-religious home, we didn’t have many traditions around Easter. No Church services. No Easter egg hunts. No big family dinners. But Easter, to me, has always been a time to reflect and think about Life.

2015 hasn’t gone to plan for me so far. I’m unexpectedly out of a 4 year relationship, and in a new apartment. But I’m proud of myself for how I’ve handled the change so far. A lost love = a new best friend, and the opportunity to demonstrate our maturity and care for one another, without the routine of everyday. A new apartment = redesigning my space, highlighting what I love, and clearing out the rest. It’s also been a kick in the pants to keep in better contact with friends, most of whom are overseas. It’s amazing how comfortable and complacent we can become, and how easy it is to let our friendships and passions slide. So, 2015 is a Gift. The gift of Challenge. And Change. And Rediscovery.

Bring it.


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